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25 years in business

and truly experience a time-honored way to learn and appreciate music, absent and not introduced through other schools. This is the best learning method for both children (as young as 4 years. old) and adults.


Expand Yourself Well Beyond Expert Music Instruction, 

 " B  e   O  n  e    W  i  t  h    T  h  e     M  u  s  i  c "


In Sandy Springs, We Are Changing the Lives of Beginners and Advanced, Children to Adults!


Beginners and Advanced Lessons -  Sandy Springs, GA

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ESM is Clearly Different


​Handing down a special touch which makes the instrument sing.  Developing, with practice, a response ... a feel .. a relationship with the instrument ... until the music becomes part of you, and you become part of the music.
The goals of European School of Music are to teach students how to love playing music instruments, feel the music and truly appreciate it, as well as significantly develop intellectual capabilities, through the enormous power of music and chess.

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Piano Instruction
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Experience a time-honored way to learn and appreciate music.

Handing down a special touch which makes the instrument sing.  Developing, with practice, a response ... a feel .. a relationship with the instrument ... until the music becomes part of you, and you become part of the music.
Our highly-trained instructors tailor lessons to each student's skills and interest.  We develop techniques for classical, jazz, contempory, and popular music pieces.  

​European School of Music & Chess has unique teaching methods, which follow the fundamental principles of classical pedagogy, and the priceless heritage of world-renowned composers and music performers. The European School of Music method of teaching not only significantly develops musical abilities, understanding of music, and a long-lasting love of music, but also develops focus, memory, and attention, as well as helps to improve math reasoning, language, and social skills -- all of which help students reach their full academic potential. In addition to music lessons, individual chess instruction at our school helps to develop logical thought processes, analytic abilities, concentration, and creativity that helps student to succeed in music and academic studies. The school also teaches the relaxation techniques that are extremely important in music studies and can be beneficial in every aspect of people’s lives. 
The most important goal of European School of Music & Chess is to teach students how to feel the music and truly appreciate it, as well as significantly develop intellectual capabilities, through the enormous power of music and chess. 

- How to make the song they play sound beautiful so they enjoy lessons and continue with them

- A deep understanding and feeling for music

- Proper hand positioning, posture and relaxation of the body and arms

- Critical thinking through analyzing music and developing the correct skills to perform it.

- Good phrasing and breathing to improve the tone and quality of music performance

- Emphasis on the content and structure of musical composition and music theory​​​​​​​
- Stage presence and develop self confidence by performing solo and in duets

​​​​​​​- Playing in our own beautiful recital hall and in outdoor student concerts for community.

Learning Without Bordem & WIth Appreciation

Experience unique music instruction

- Private Instruction
Guitar and Chess Lessons are Semi-Private

Lesson Days & Times

- Private Instumental and Vocal Lessons
- Group Music Beginning Classes: Exposure to music, singing. movement, rhythm training and more.

Lessons are once a week, afternoon through late evening, Monday through Friday, and Saturday morning and afternoon at our school conveniently located on Roswell Road in North Buckhead / Sandy Springs.​​​​​​​ 

30 or 40 minutes for beginners or intermediate students and 60 for advanced students. Each student will be scheduled to a permanent time slot after you talk to us and tell us your preferences. Enroll Here.

Try our new hybrid program for voice, guitar and piano students. You will get lessons at our school location in person one on one with a teacher once or twice a month, and the remaining lessons will be done on Skype, with the same teacher. This will reduce travel time and give you more schedule flexibility, while at the same time continuing to give you or your child expert instruction that will develop correct music skills that cannot be taught online only. In addition, students will be able to participate in recitals in our beautiful recital hall as well as in outside performances for the community. This program will allow students who live throughout the Atlanta metro area to take advantage of our expert instruction.

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Proudly Serving: Buckhead-Sandy Springs and the Atlanta Metro area

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"The European School of Music helped shape the musician that I am today.  From my studies at the School I learned how to develop my own individual voice at the piano and was offered a unique approach to music and art.  The techniques and methods I acquired prepared me for my journey as a pianist in the professional music world."

- Benjamin Warsaw, PhD.   Graduate of the European School of Music, Eastman School of Music, Boston University. Professor of Music - Piano, Armstrong University

"The school taught me about the meaning behind each song, the emotions in it, not just the notes ... everything that I've learned at the school will stay with me forever."

-    European School of Music graduate, Dr. Christina Theodoris, MD/PhD of Harvard's Boston Children Hospital​

"For beginners and advanced students, the European School of Music teaches a special appreciation for music, emphasizing the skills of appreciating, understanding, feeling and interpreting classical and contempory styles."

- Atlanta Northside Neighbor

"... she (Angela Oyzboyd) possesses a beautiful touch, with a high technical command of the instrument."

- Yoel Levi, Music Director Emeritus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

"I am old enough and have had enough instruction in my life to appreciate how lucky I am to find the European School of Music.  Within a short period of time after coming to the school I am able to make the piano come alive."

-    Laura Murphy, Adult Student at the European School of Music

Testimonials From Our Music Lovers

"IMy son, Daniel began taking piano lessons when he reached 5. He had a wonderful teacher and supportive family members. He learned that keeping up with practice was easier than catching up and even with an active sports life and serious homework, he not only stuck with it but grew from learning to play the piano. He will tell you that it helped him in school and playing classical, jazz and rock didn't hurt his social life either.

​​​​​​​Giving Daniel the opportunity to learn to play the piano at The European School of Music and Chess (he also took chess lessons and liked that as well) was the greatest gift I could have given him. Great school!! 

- Michael Cohen, attorney, father of Daniel Cohen, European School of Music graduate