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European School of Music


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Instruction consists of weekly private piano, guitar, accordion, violin, percussion and voice lessons in which repertoire, note reading, technique, practice skills, and musical literacy are emphasized. Chess lessons are also available. Lessons are 30 minutes in length and $130 a month for ONE (1) weekly half hour lesson.

Lessons are paid by the month, and must be paid before the start of the month’s lessons. There will be no lessons during Fulton County School Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring Break, Memorial Day and Labor Day. The academic year starts mid August and runs through the first week in June. Lessons started in the middle of a month will be pro-rated for that month.

There are 38 weeks of scheduled lessons for all students for the school year regardless of which day of the week the student is scheduled. We have factored holidays into this count so that all lesson days will total 38 weeks by the end of the school year. Due to holidays, some months will have more than 4 weeks of lessons and some less. The monthly installments cover the yearly total. We have divided these payments into 10 installments. Nine payments are full payments and the first payment is a half payment. Payment for these lessons is due in advance of services rendered.

To enroll in the program, student is required to submit an enrollment deposit of $60.00, $20.00 of which is initial registration fee that is not refundable. The remaining $40 is refundable only if the student gives written notice of intention to discontinue lessons at least one month prior to doing so. 

We want each student to experience the excitement of progress from week to week – the key to that is consistent practice and consistent attendance. If you must miss a lesson, be sure to contact your teacher at least a day in advance, by 7 p.m. the night before the lesson to ensure your missed lesson is considered excused. Three excused absences for students are allowed during the entire course of a school year. Any more lessons missed by a student may only be made up at the teacher’s discretion, if the teacher’s schedule permits. No shows will not be made up, and missed lessons will not be credited.

The make-up weeks are scheduled at the end of the school year. Make up classes will be be held during the designated Make Up Session (June 8 - June 29, 2019), unless special arrangements are made between a teacher and a student. If a student cannot attend their make up classes, those lessons will be forfeited.

Lessons missed by the instructor or due to severe weather will be rescheduled at another time agreeable to both the student and the instructor and will be made up in addition to the allowed limit on excused absences.

European School of Music & Chess