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"The European School of Music helped shape the musician that I am today.  From my studies at the School I learned how to develop my own individual voice at the piano and was offered a unique approach to music and art.  The techniques and methods I acquired prepared me for my journey as a pianist in the professional music world."

- Benjamin Warsaw, PhD.   Graduate of the European School of Music, Eastman School of Music, Boston University. Professor of Music - Piano, Armstrong University

"The school taught me about the meaning behind each song, the emotions in it, not just the notes ... everything that I've learned at the school will stay with me forever."

-    Christina Theodoris, graduate of the European School of Music, current student at the California Institute of Technology

"For beginners and advanced students, the European School of Music teaches a special appreciation for music, emphasizing the skills of appreciating, understanding, feeling and interpreting classical and contempory styles."

- Atlanta Northside Neighbor

"... she (Angela Oyzboyd) possesses a beautiful touch, with a high technical command of the instrument."

- Yoel Levi, Music Director Emeritus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

"I am old enough and have had enough instruction in my life to appreciate how lucky I am to find the European School of Music.  Within a short period of time after coming to the school I am able to make the piano come alive."

-    Laura Murphy, Adult Student at the European School of Music

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